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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


A federal criminal counterfeiting case against a Roger C. Wilson client was resolved recently, with the dismissal of the majority of the charges.  The client was one of several defendants charged in multi-count federal indictments in Atlanta with allegedly producing nearly a million dollars in counterfeit currency.  The Wilson client was charged with three counts, carrying maximum possible punishments of more than twenty years of imprisonment and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.  Another defendant charged in connection with the matter tried the case to a jury, was found guilty on all charges, and was sentenced to imprisonment.  In contrast, a resolution of the case with respect to the Wilson client was reached in the course of plea bargaining between Wilson and federal prosecutors.  As a part of that resolution, two of the three counts against the Wilson client were dismissed along with a plea by the Wilson client to the remaining count.  That count too carries a statutory maximum of twenty years’ imprisonment.  However, in sentencing proceedings culminating in a hearing before United States District Judge Charles A. Pannell, Jr., the Wilson client was sentenced to 41 months of imprisonment, with no fine.  This favorable sentencing was obtained in substantial part as a result of negotiations between and joint recommendations to the Court by the defense and prosecutors.

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